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Take control without compromising speed of service

With only one touch, change a drink to a double. The software automatically adjusts the item’s pricing, renames the item, and calculates the inventory with the new size.

Stay out of the weeds with POS software designed for fast-paced, demanding bar environments

With a swipe of a credit card, your bartenders can open a tab that automatically captures the customer’s name and payment information. Bartenders spend more time slinging drinks than managing tabs while your business is protected from walk outs.

Thoughtfully designed to eliminate as much human error as possible while helping you run your business more effectively.

  • Automatic Happy Hours

  • Automatic Released Printing

  • Automatic Closeouts

  • Automatic Email Reporting

  • Automatic Shift Validation

Nowadays, it seems impossible to guess someone’s age. To prevent uneasy situations, you can set the system to force a driver’s license swipe before a bartender can ring in drinks. This feature also works great for cover charges!

Berg liquor and draft beer control is a powerful system designed for bars and restaurants. It not only makes commercial operations more profitable, it also reduces the workload. Integrated with POS systems, Berg allows bar owners to balance their bars for each work shift, thus avoiding errors and allowing for better control. This alcohol/draft beer dispensing system becomes literally the bar owners eyes and ears. Each employee’s orders are calculated and the bar remains locked at all times; no need for a key. Reports are also available for each of the actions performed.