Multi-Unit Restaurants 2017-01-30T18:14:08+00:00

The EnterpriseSuite is a robust above store back office management tool that allows you to stay
connected to each restaurant to fully control your business. Manage and alter the menu, discounts,
employees and setup by individual location, region, or market.

Let it grow with you

Easily add locations to your group when your business grows. Transfer in menus and coupons from location to location.

Perform real-time updates

Make changes based on an individual location, region or market. Not ready to send the changes? Schedule the changes to implement for any time or date.

Prevent mistakes

Save your franchisees time and prevent royalty errors by eliminating the need for manual calculations and separately made spreadsheets.

Stay in the Know

Information in the palm of your hand

Access your restaurant’s information anytime from anywhere.
The multi-unit version of ReportingAnywhere is included in the Multi-Unit Enterprise product.

  • View live sales up to the minute
  • View labor usage and labor dollars
  • View discounts and voids
  • Compare sales between locations
  • View promotions & dollars that the promotions bring in
  • View a breakdown of all category sales