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Have your cake & eat it too

The main benefit of a “Cloud” POS system is the ability to connect to your restaurant from anywhere. MicroSale gives you the stability of Windows and the convenience of cloud offerings.

Stay Connected

OfficeAnywhere gives you direct access your restaurant. There’s no need to stay late or commute back to the restaurant if you forgot to change the specials for the Big Game tomorrow.

What you can do

Pair up with ReportingAnywhere

Information in the palm of your hand

Access your restaurant’s information anytime from anywhere.
ReportingAnywhere offers crucial reports to help you make quick and informed decisions.

  • View live sales up to the minute
  • View labor usage and labor dollars
  • View discounts and voids
  • Compare sales between locations
  • View promotions & dollars that the promotions bring in
  • View a breakdown of all category sales