Auto-filling Address for Delivery

What you’ve been waiting for!

MicroSale will now auto-populate addresses when using the delivery module.  MicroSale is integrated with GoogleMaps to auto-populate addresses near the restaurant’s location.

This feature significantly speeds up the delivery process and prevents errors.

Shipping Instructions for Kiosk

Kiosk now supports self-service delivery.

This feature was designed for kiosk stations that do not sell merchandise onsite.  A customer walks up to the kiosk, places an order, and enters in his or her address for delivery (auto-populates using the above feature).  A receipt emails to the customer (using the feature created in 9.0.317) and includes their address for verification. A second receipt emails to the merchant’s warehouse to process and ship out the order.


Restaurants can now email receipts to customers 

An optional setting can be enabled to prompt the user to ask if the customer would like the receipt emailed or printed.  The restaurant can use a survey service and attach a survey link to the receipt. (Please see attached PDF for setup and more information).

Button layout functions are easier to use

The customization Functions toggle and highlight the function in use.  This prevents the function from getting “stuck”.  In previous versions, if the function was not turned off before selecting a new function, the function could potentially get stuck and not perform the correct demand.  Instead of deselecting the function in use, use the “Cancel Option” button.