When you upgrade your system to Version 9, you’ll continue to get new features and functionality throughout the lifetime of the version. Our developers believe that we should stay on the same version for at least 2 years so that users continue to get updates without having to spend extra money.

Upgrading is a lot less than you might think. Contact us today or your dealer for pricing.

Version 9 Makes your life Easier by:

Running the Weekly Close out for You

Weekly closeouts are used to restart the WTD totals, archive data, and to perform database maintenance.  Since the weekly closeout tends to be forgotten, it will now run automatically at the end of every 7th day. Now your system will run lightning fast because it won’t be bogged down with tons of extra data.

Auto Filling Addresses

The system auto-populates addresses when with delivery. Integrated with GoogleMaps to auto-populate addresses near your location. You’ll complete phone orders 60% faster and it will prevent address errors.

Giving you Information in the Palm of your Hand

ReportingAnywhere gives you access your restaurant’s information from anywhere.
Get crucial reports to make quick and informed decisions.

  • View live sales up to the minute
  • View labor usage and labor dollars
  • View discounts and voids
  • View promotions & dollars that the promotions bring in
  • View a breakdown of all category sales
Only $120.00 a year plus a one-time setup fee of $49.00

Version 9 Saves you Money with:

Drink Chips

[What are Drink Chips?] Drink Chips (aka. Pub Tokens or chits) have been used around the world as payment for future drinks for several hundred years. Traditional pub tokens were hugely popular in the UK and the US in the 18th-20th century. Today, we’ve put a modern twist on it. How it helps your business

New Integrated Processors

Credit card processing is a competitive industry. If you’ve had your processor for a while, it might be time to compare prices.

NEW Free Integrations:


Prevent Chargebacks with EMV

Version 9 is ready for the EMV technology. Upgrading and using EMV will eliminate chargeback fees from the processor.

Integrations Include:
Verifone VX805 (requires Datacap’s NETePay software)