MicroSale has expanded and enhanced its delivery and pizza functionality in the latest software release. In addition to the red/green one-touch toggle for quick modifications on pizzas and automatic discounts for error-proof BOGOs, the software now includes integrated GoogleMaps with onscreen map display.

The new additions make the software stronger and more effective for restaurants which is why the delivery module is included in the core product at no additional cost. Current Version 9 users will be upgraded to the latest release at no cost while Version 8 and below users can upgrade to Version 9 for a minimal fee.

Version 9 Delivery and Pizza includes:

  • Integrated with GoogleMaps to use the latest, live map data
  • Red/green one-touch toggle to make quick modifications and complete orders faster
  • Suggestive prompts to encourage upselling
  • Automatic BOGO and combo detection to improve customer satisfaction and prevent re-ringing
  • Autocomplete addresses based on your restaurant’s location to prevent address-entry errors
  • Stop-by-Stop directions for driver dispatch
  • Assign drivers to stops using the onscreen map display to visually see the stops closest together
  • Save guest profiles with their phone numbers, track the last date and order for each customer, and quickly and easily add any items previously ordered to the current order

Restaurants have seen major improvements in speed of service with MicroSale’s latest software release. With the focus on simplicity and automation, users have been able to spend more time with the customer than inputting information on the computer.

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