[What’s ReportingAnywhere? ReportingAnywhere is a mobile-friendly website that allows you to view your restaurant’s information anytime from anywhere.]

Version 2 of ReportingAnywhere will include more reports and an iPhone app.

The iPhone app will include alerts to see excessive voids, discounts, and refunds, employees on the clock, labor percentages, live sales up-to-the-minute and comparisons of sales to last week, last month and the previous year during the same time.

The ReportingAnywhere app is perfect for restaurant owners, operators, and managers who want to stay in touch with their business while on the go. As a manager or multi-location owner, you can decide what data your management team has access to.

The ReportingAnywhere app will be available on the Apple App Store. If you are currently a ReportingAnywhere customer, you can download the app for free. If you are a new customer, please contact your dealer for ReportingAnywhere pricing.

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