3 ways to use bundled specials to drive more revenue

Offering creative discounts in your restaurant is a foolproof way to drive more sales

Why you should use Combo Discounts (or bundled specials)

  • Encourage your guests to purchase items that they may not normally order
  • Increase sales during slow times
  • Generate higher tickets
  • Drive additional guests to your restaurant who may not normally visit

When to Use Combo Discounts and How to Use Them

There are literally hundreds of ways you can use discounts. Let’s go through some scenarios and decide if you should offer a discount.

It’s Football Sunday.

You’ll be busy. Do you offer anything to drive additional revenue? Encourage your guests to try other items on your menu.

You can create a discount that will encourage your guests to purchase something that might not be a regular purchase. Create a combo (bundled special) for a popular item and less popular item for one price. When your employee rings in both items, the discount will automatically apply.

It’s Monday.

If your restaurant is around neighborhoods, it might be worth doing a Kids Eat Free night from 5-8 on Monday.

You can create a combo (bundled special) that automatically discounts off a kids meal with each adult entrée. If the items are rang in before or after the allotted time, no discount will be taken. This prevents forgotten discounts and ensures discounts are not applied during inapplicable times.

It’s a Weekday.

Monday through Friday from 4-7 you offer happy hour for $1 off all drafts. Let’s go a step further.

Perhaps you want to do 2-4-1s but don’t know how to implement it. You can create a combo (bundled special) that automatically discounts off the second item. So, instead of simply giving a customer two drinks at once, where one drink sits on the table, you can ring in the first and then ring in the second whenever the customer is ready. The discount will be applied when the second drink is added.

MicroSale automatically discounts the check based on specified times and days eliminating the need for human interaction. Less to remember = less mistakes!

Other Ideas for how you can use this in your restaurant

  • Burger and beverage combo $10.00
  • $2 Off any pizza
  • Buy a pizza get a free pizza of equal or lesser value

Other Types of Discounts or Specials to Drive Revenue

  • Percentage off item or check
  • Dollar value off item or check
  • Happy hours (automatically shifts pricing up or down)

Ready? Let’s do it.

Make sure you are on version 9. Lower versions do not support the Combo Discount (or bundled special) functionality.

On Version 9? Click here for setup.

Not on Version 9? Here are more reasons you should upgrade.