MicroSale to Launch System at Bro’s Pizzeria

We are proud to now work with Bro’s Pizzeria & Bar in Largo, FL

For years, Bros Pizzeria has been serving pizza to happy customers in and around downtown Clearwater

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. Now, they are serving customers at their second location in Largo!

Come stop in at their new location and check out their virtually limitless specials – from pizza specials to a late night menu.

What they’re using in MicroSale:

Specialty Pizza Item Features

  • Modify pizzas easily with half or double toppings
  • Automatically populates topping prices based on pizza size
  • View included toppings on specialty pizzas (toppings are highlighted to quickly alter or add to pizzas)

Delivery Module (included in core program)

  • Integrates to Google Maps
  • Allows user to easily assign drivers to orders on a map
  • Calculates delivery fees based on mileage
  • Uses a timer to see how long drivers have been out on deliveries
  • Includes an integrated customer database to auto-populate existing customers contact information and previous order information

Mix and matched restaurant settings

  • Uses a mixture of carry out services with full bar


  • Allows you to keep in touch with your restaurant on the go using your smartphone

If you want to see what MicroSale can do for your restaurant, please contact us at info@microsale.net or 844-454-4900