Save Time & Money

The ReportingAnywhere app gives you instant access to time sensitive information in order to make money-saving decisions. Information includes labor percentage, voids, discounts and an easy to understand closeout report and more.

Get Answers Instantly

Spend less time trying to gather information while on the go. Is the labor running too high? Did the promotion bring in customers tonight? Did the credit cards batch yet? All of your most critical concerns are answered with the app.

Lower your Stress

Get alerted when problems arise. With real-time numbers constantly streaming to your phone, you can quickly and easily fix problems before they snowball into catastrophes.

Easy to Use

Tap the app and scroll through the dashboard to see all of your pertinent information at a glance – net sales, discounts, voids, labor cost, and your weekly numbers.

Analyze your Data at a Glance

Tap on your net sales to see a visual breakdown of the sales by food, beer, wine, liquor and any other department type used in your POS system.

Simple to Understand

See your live numbers in a clean, easy to read short summary. See your tender types, net sales, labor costs, and a breakdown of sales by department.

Get ReportingAnywhere Today!

How to get ReportingAnywhere:

  1. Contact your dealer to purchase ReportingAnywhere*
  2. A technician will install a connection utility that pushes your restaurant’s data to the cloud.
  3. You’ll receive a URL and Customer ID code within 3 business days to start viewing  your data on the website and iOS/Android app.
*requires MicroSale Version 9 and internet access

**ReportingAnywhere module is required

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