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Departments are broad descriptions of your items. Departments are shown on the balance sheet and various reports to show your sales in a general overview.

Typically restaurants do not use more than 5 departments. These departments are listed as Food, Beer, Wine, Liquor, and Nonalcoholic Drinks. Or in quick service; Food and Drinks

Master Department

Master Departments are used to further categorize departments such as beer, wine, liquor may go in a Master Department of “Alcohol”.

Timed Event Pricing

Timed Events, also known as Happy Hours, are generally setup by individual menu item and not setup on this screen. Timed Events are listed here in case your restaurant sets all menu items within a department to a set price decrease or increase. For example, all Beer is $1.00 off during your Weekday Happy Hour. Please view the Happy Hour section for more information

Remote Printer for Misc

When you ring up a Misc. menu item, MicroSale forces the user to select a department in order to create better reporting organization. For example, a cashier rings in Misc- Shredded Cheese, he or she would select the department of Food. If the Misc. item is not set to print at a printer, this item will not print.

In this area on the screen, you will assign your departments to actual printer names – so your Food department will typically print to “Kitchen” or “Expo”.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Manager Menu > Menu Maintenance > Department Menu
  2. Type in a Department name such as Food
  3. Skip the Master Department and Department ID (this ID is used for EBT) and set a Remote Printer(s) by selecting the drop down and selecting a name in the list
  4. Once completed, select Save.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all Department Names.
  6. Save and Exit.