Drink Chips (aka. Pub Tokens or chits) have been used around the world as payment for future drinks for several hundred years. Traditional pub tokens were hugely popular in the UK and the US in the 18th-20th century. Today, we’ve put a modern twist on it.


Save Some Money

With a customer complaint, it’s common to discount their check. But that leads to less money in your pocket and possibly the customer not returning. The better alternative is to give them drink chips. It’ll drive the customer back to your establishment and you’ll get a chance to win back their trust.

Awesome for 2-for-1s

When you offer 2-for-1 drinks and bring both drinks together, chances are the second drink will be watered down or warm by the time the customer is finished with the first drink.

Giving the customer a drink chip to redeem later in their meal or on a future date is a great way to ensure your customer has the best visit possible.


Promote sports nights and offer chips as a bonus during happy hours or slow times.

Separating the Server from the cash

Keeping cash collection in one place and serving in another is a viable theft protection method. Works great for establishments offering one-time events where they need to bring in outside help to serve the crowd.

VIP Passes

Promoters can give out chips to bachelorette parties or large groups to entice them to come into your establishment. The better the crowd, the better the atmosphere, the better the sales!