Setting up Custom Job Titles

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Job titles are defined as roles your employees have in the restaurant. MicroSale includes a list of preset job titles such as Manager, Cook, Bartender, Server, Cashier, and Hostess. You may have other job titles for employees such as Bouncer, Prep, Shift Leader, etc.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Managers Menu > Register Setup > Setup/Configuration > “Tenders – Paid Outs – Customer Request” (Version 9, button on bottom of screen in black)

    1. Select Misc Setup
    2. Select Employee Job Codes
    3. Type in a Job Title
      1. Does this title require a sales audit? – bartenders, servers, cashiers, etc. or anyone that handles sales in the system will require an audit
      2. For Tip Pooling, please view PDF document
    4. Save