Setting up Security Levels


MicroSale utilizes Access Levels for security in the software to prevent unauthorized employees from performing certain functions or accessing information. A total of 10 levels are coded in the system from 0-9.

An access level is assigned to an Access Level Name. For example, a manager has the access level of 8 (9 being the highest). Each function and section of the software is assigned to an access number. That function or area can only be accessed if the employee’s job code is at or above that number.

You may change any access level names’ access level, create your access names, or change any function’s access level number. Below are default job codes, access levels, and access numbers for functions.

For Employees (or Management), he/she cannot view employees in the Employee Maintenance area who have higher access levels than him/herself.


Access Name Access
Cook 0
Dishwasher 0
Prep 0
Cashier 1
Driver 1
Server 1
Assistant Manager 5
Manager 8
Supervisor 9


A Job Title and Access Name are not the same. A Job Title is a role an employee has in the restaurant while an Access Name tells MicroSale what that specific employee can and cannot do in the system.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Adding a New Access Name and/or Level

Managers Menu > Register Setup > Access Levels

  1. To change an Access Name’s number – Select a name in the dropdown, type in a new number, save
  2. To add a new Access Name with an Access Number – Type in a name, type in a number, save

Changing an Access Level for a Function

In order to lock out employees from specific areas in the system.

Managers Menu > Register Setup > System Access Configuration


Function Access
Time Clock 0
Manager Menu 4
Misc Sale 4
Split Check 1
Review Order 1
Start Table 1
Employee Maint. 5
Menu Maint. 8
Sales Tax Menu 7

Double click the function or access number on the right side of the screen to change the access number.

An Access Level of “10” will lock out the function.

Unless the Access Level is changed to a lower level, no employee (or you) can access the function; useful to help prevent mistakes (such as Clear Batch)