Setting up Employees in the System

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In order to use the time clock or ring in sales, employees must be created in the system.

Step-by-Step Instructions

    1. From the Manages Menu, press Employee Maintenance
    2. On the submenu, press Employee Maintenance again
    3. Type in the Last Name and First Name of the Employee
      1. Employee ID is not used in MicroSale – this is a number used to identify employees for labor tracking outside of the system.
    4. Use the dropdown and select all job titles associated with this employee. If the employee is hourly and/or tipped, make sure you select these options
    5. Press the dropdown and select the base access level of this employee. Put the highest access this employee is allowed to have. For example, if the employee is both a bartender and manager, select Manager as the base.
    6. Next to Primary Access Number, type in the employee’s number to access the system- this will be used to log into the order screen and for clocking in/out.
      Pick a number that will not be forgotten such as the last four numbers of the social.
      If your restaurant is using swipe cards, click in the field (so a cursor appears) and swipe the card in the secondary field.
    7. All required fields are now completed. If you would like to add more information, please do so now.
    8. Save when completed