How to delete a category/subcategory/menu item/modifier

You cannot delete a menu item that is assigned to a button or a category/subcategory and vice-versa. You will not be able to inadvertently delete used items within the system.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To delete a menu item:

Managers Menu > Menu Maintenance > Menu Items and Pricing

  1. Select the menu item to delete
  2. Select Delete
  3. If it says that the menu item is assigned to a button, select Button Layout from the Menu Items and Pricing Screen (or from the Menu Maintenance screen)
  4. Select the category that the menu items is assigned to
  5. Left click on the menu item on the button layout
  6. Left click in the Unassigned Menu Items box
  7. Save
  8. On the Menu Items and Pricing Screen, select Delete

To delete a subcategory:

Managers Menu > Menu Maintenance > Sub Category Menu

  1. Select the appropriate subcategory
  2. Select Delete
    1. If the system will not allow you to delete, please go to the Button Layout
  3. Select the proper category
  4. Take off the buttons in the category
  5. Save
  6. Go to the category in which the subcategory is assigned – take the subcategory off the layout. Save.
  7. Go back to Menu Items and Pricing, go through and delete each menu item associated with the subcategory
  8. Go to Menu Maintenance, Sub Category Menu
  9. Delete the appropriate subcategory.