MicroSale’s inventory solution utilizes all of the information relevant to managing your inventory: vendors, items, recipes, sub recipes, paper goods, and even helps you keep track of where these items are stored.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

MicroSale’s centralized inventory software electronically integrates with your food and supply vendors. Invoice, receipt and pricing information automatically flows from your MicroSale system back to your vendors.


  • Perpetual Inventory Management
  • Multiple Storage Locations
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange (Vendor Integration)
  • Invoices and Purchase Orders
  • Ideal Cost and Usage
  • “Normalized” Units of Measurement
  •  Variance Reports (On-hand versus Theoretical)
  • Store Count, Purchasing and Invoice updating at Corporate – Real time

How it Works

The Inventory Program tracks minimum par levels for products and recommends a reorder amount when the actual inventory level falls below the desired par level. It also links directly to the POS system. As items are sold, the inventory is depleted in real time. As vendors deliver food and liquor items, a manager will enter the purchases into the inventory program and then do a physical count and enter those counts in to the system.

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