Updates & New Development

We’re constantly improving the software. Please check back here regularly to see newly added features and bug fixes.

What’s new in Version 9.0.1647 This minor release includes important changes to your system.

New! You can now add new checks to existing tables

(designed for community tables where multiple parties sit at the same table). While a “separate seats” function is available, a single party may also have separate checks. This new feature eliminates the confusion with separately paying parties.

How it works:

On the graphical layout, select “Add Check to Table” and then select the appropriate table

Additional Changes:

  • Added Apply Tip for GIFTePay after the sale
  • Added support for Wifi EMV Pin Pads (for Datacap NETePay supported devices)
  • Added “Batch Complete” message for FDMS Rapid Connect
  • Added “Batch Clear” message for FDMS Rapid Connect (includes Datawire 205 Error will clear the batch)
  • Added ‘Hold Check Open’ for tip with EMV
  • Added payment names for house accounts

Squashed Bugs:

  • Fixed ‘Sort Menu Items’ register option; interfering with the proper check total on the order screen
  • Fixed balance sheet shortage if the department discount deduction is disabled
  • Fixed processing fee balance amount with Inclusive Tax items
  • Fixed the void total bug with split checks on the balance sheet
  • Fixed “make it a combo” bug (using the message prompt: Make it a Combo – Yes/No)
  • Fixed the Error 6 Overflow when using excessive character lengths in the ‘featuring box’ on the ID screen
  • Fixed Error 9 with cashier deposits from the cashier station
  • Fixed Arraybuffer Error with Google Maps auto fill address and Windows 7

What’s new in Version 9.0.1610 This minor release includes important changes to your system.

New! Wait List with Text Messaging

Text customers when their table is ready.

Your host can effectively track table availability using the visual table layout and see who has already been presented with their checks. As parties are seated from the waitlist, the system begins predicting wait times.

How it works:

  1. Hostess adds the customer’s phone number to MicroSale’s wait list.
  2. Customer immediately receives a text to confirm the phone number is correct
  3. When the table is ready, the host sends a text notifying that the table is ready
Available as a monthly subscription service; MSRP $15/month or $180.00 a year.

9.0.16xx (Additional Changes)

  • Added optional modifier printing orientation
    • When a kitchen ticket prints, the modifiers can now print horizontally on the ticket versus vertically line itemed (Controlled with the functions.ini file + v9printer.dll file. In the functions.ini, go to Stack Modifiers=Yes)Added payment names to house accounts
  • Fixed missing file on install
  • Fixed 100% Discounts with processing fees  – check total was less than and will not close
  • Added line item void with tabs held with a credit card
  • Fixed Bug with partial auth and EMV
  • Optimized variables   — should use less memory
  • Added single void options for full service
  • Moved number in party to same line as table name
  • Modified Hotschedules to us the Company Id number for employees
  • Fixed Delivery sale with cash payment and processing fees
  • Removed No Call In Order Message
  • Added message with manager item void — prompts for void additional items
  • Fixed Error with repeat item and delivery
  • Added Go Order to bottom of remote check
  • Fixed Adjust price with processing fees  — update for total on screen

What’s new in Version 9.0.1564 This minor release includes important changes to your system.

  • Added void item with no inventory update for count down.
  • Added time out for managers menu — 15 min
  • Added Transfer Check with attached payment  – open bar tabs
  • Added .INI entry for California Day Overtime  — functions.ini
  • Added Paging for modifiers in Kiosk.
  • Added price shift with kiosk and no price will not display the button.
  • Added convenence fee for delivery orders with EMV.
  • Added “Your Ticket #” is with full service
  • Added sequential number for full server kitchen checks  — optional
  • Added Pax payment update with preauth credit cards with delivery call backs.
  • Added Seat number for split check with quick bar
  • Added over/short to cashier audit with calculator
  • Added QR Codes for receipt plu numbers
  • Added Credit Card Slip with PreAuth PAX and delivery
  • Added Berg server drink list
  • Added option to turn off pre auth with PAX units  — PreAuth not supported with all processors  — after capture tip apply fails
  • Added Net Credit Card Deposit with Credit Card Processing Fee
  • Added function button to pay by seat from order screen
  • Added customer name on check will add to table number
  • Added seat number to split check on list all checks on cashier screen
  • Added Menu Button Alias Preview

Squashed Bugs:

  • Fixed phone order delivery showing credit card with EMV
  • Fixed day overtime with weekly overtime
  • Fixed Sales tax rounding error (receipt only)
  • Fixed Kitchen Video with Micro Plus with Kiosk
  • Fixed rounding with sales tax issue in Puerto Rico
  • Fixed cancel phone order hold check lock
  • Fixed split check with processing fee (not removing from empty seat)
  • Fixed double drawer pop with QSR
  • Fixed rounding error with split items
  • Fixed Open Quantity with open key weight
  • Changed course line print on kitchen receipt — not expanded
  • Fixed course lines and multi seat printing order destination on each seat.
  • Fixed Sales tax rounding on receipt
  • Removed restriction on house account number length
  • Change to fire course — prompts for with line
  • Fixed Error with Close Berg Cash Drawer
  • Fixed Error handler for decryption for pre auth capture.
  • Fixed issue with Processing Fees and On Line Orders.
  • Fixed tip not displayed in transaction review
  • Fixed cash adjustment was calculating on sub total and not check total
  • Fixed Reopen Check show (RO) for table name with sql
  • Fixed Processing Fee Update on Transaction Review and End of Day Reporting
  • Fixed barcode print on split checks receipt
  • Fixed Error with email customer receipts
  • Fixed employee Id card swipe in employee setup
  • New Register Options Menu
  • Fixed Scan Id cards with windows 10 in employee setup
  • Fixed Scan Plu in menu build with windows 10
  • Fixed ReOpen Check Shows Check as Paid

What’s new in Version 9.0.1496 This minor release includes important changes to your system.

  • Added TriPOS (WorldPay)
  • Added option to print remote printer name on remote check
  • Improved security for finger print
  • Added new keyboard for phone orders
  • Added Exchange conversion for currency
  • Added Customer Name on Credit Card Slip — PAX
  • Added minutes open and minutes out for delivery orders
  • Added Credit Card Slips On Demand
  • Added Tab hold with EMV Credit
  • Improved Speed for Auto Discount
  • Added Close day prompt for missed close outs

Squashed Bugs:

  • Fixed Cash Discount (was reporting to non-sales revenue).
  • Fixed end of year overtime not totaling
  • Fixed void report not displaying correct time
  • Fixed Processing fee with subcategory not updating total on the fly
  • Fixed Rounding issue with special tax 2 with fractional sales tax rates.
  • Improved security for finger print
  • Fixed Delete Menu Item (was removing count down)
  • Fixed Null error sql update without a backup
  • Fixed Cashier Refunds Getting Dropped from Audit
  • Fixed Error 91 with edit phone order pickup time
  • Fixed EMV Start Tab without a credit card (was not prompting for tab name)
  • Fixed Batch Print Out with Rapid Connect and Auto Close

MicroSale’s EMV integration now supports the Ingenico ISC250 and ID Tech MiniSmart II (on the Quest Tablet).

Ingenico ISC250

ID Tech MiniSmart II

Existing EMV device integrations include:

VeriFone SC 1000 (must use with Datacap NETePay)
VeriFone VX805 (must use with Datacap NETePay)
Ingenico 6550 (must use with Datacap NETePay)
Ingenico 320 (must use with Datacap NETePay)
Pax S300
Pax SP30

What’s new in Version 9.0.1165? This minor release includes important changes to your system.

  • Improved speed on the table layout screen
  • Added a Compeat Export
  • Added split Service Charge for Delivery orders
  • Added Multi Payments with EMV and Deliver Orders
  • Process customer data requests
  • Added Multiple Phone Number Linked to 1 account in phone orders
  • Added Special Instructions field for phone orders
  • Database change with call in order database and House accounts
  • Added Location Name for House accounts customer account active with functions.ini file
  • Added Void and Resubmit for Delivery orders with EMV
  • Added Try again for EMV and delivery and cancel
  • Moved Show all Categories to last category button

Squashed Bugs:

  • Fixed Issue with autoclose prompting to close batch
  • Fixed OSK.EXE onscreen keyboard with phone orders
  • Fixed Reboot — Random error checking license file
  • Fixed Error with Prefix modifiers with Kiosk
  • Fixed Bug with split checks skipping a seat check Number on the receipt
  • Fixed Error on Edit future phone orders
  • Fixed Chk-Stat.mdb error with sales report


Version 9 will remain as the current version of software.

When EMV took effect, we began developing Version 10 as an out-of-scope solution – meaning that credit cards could only be processed through EMV devices. Due to the slow adaption of EMV in the restaurant industry and the continuing high demand of standard processing, we have decided to delay the release of Version 10. All features that were going to be available in 10 will now be available at no charge in Version 9 due to the delay. This will allow our dealers and customers to get the best of the software without upgrade fees. Our intent is to continue to develop Version 9.

In the latest release of Version 9

  • IMPROVED SPEED – toggling through the button layout and modifiers is significantly faster.
  • PHONE ORDERS REVAMP – the phone order grid has been removed. It is now a lot easier for end users to manage to-go and delivery orders. All pending orders are available on buttons that allow a single touch toggle to change pick up to delivery, assign drivers, add to orders, and cash out. (bypasses popup menu)
  • ADDITIONAL CATEGORIES – 3 additional categories have been added to the order screen. A total of 12 categories appear on the main screen. Select “Display All” to view the additional categories programmed.
  • FAIL OVER FOR LICENSING – prevents licensing issues if licensing server temporarily go down
  • Changed Check Payments for audits from time to check number
  • Added additional logging for auto close
  • Improved Speed of load for drive thru screen
  • Added Cash Discount for Service Fees
  • Added Block to stop audit start while close out is running

Squashed Bugs:

  • Fixed Mem Leak with POSIQ
  • Fixed Lock Up on Daily Audit Report with business day not set
  • Fixed Scales and Multi Select Discount
  • Fixed No Sale Counter on audit report
  • Fix for FDMS Void Charge
  • Changed Phone Order Pick Credit Card Payment for Delivery orders
  • Added Adjust EBT Sale Amount with Pax EMV.
  • Added Not to Allow Audit Start without being punched In — set by option.
  • Added DBL for Modifiers and Shift Level Item Price * 2
  • Added Error Check for data encryption problem with credit cards and license files Regular Credit with Dcap
  • Added function to allow Server Audit start from Order Screen
  • Added Multi Select Discounts with Department Names.
  • Added EBT Sale Amount Adjust
  • Added Control Update for FDMS to Support TLS 1.2
  • Modified Daily Summary Report to support 24 hour ops

Squashed Bugs:

  • Fixed EMV EBT transaction reporting to cash.
  • Fixed EMV EBT No Tip Line is printed.
  • Fixed Bug with 24 hour and daily close  — not marking all detail records closed.
  • Fixed Email Customer Receipts.
  • Fixed Modify Modifer with 6 Selection  (Not releasing)
  • Fixed End of Week Back Up with dropping records from Detail for Transaction Review.
  • Added a fix for 2 cashier stations closing each other delivery orders
  • Added Exit timer on credit card screen
  • Changed Quick Server Driver Report to Punch In time for Sales and Payments.
  • Added Prompt on EMV Sale waiting on pin pad — stops double payments (server keeps hitting tenders on tender screen will record cash as well as credit )
  • Added Move entire seat on split checks.
  • Added Support for printing Chinese Characters
  • Added Remote printing summary on the bottom of the remote check when you ring by seat (control with the functions.ini) Show Remote Printer Locations=Summary ‘[Remote Printing] Section
  • Added block to split or transfer checks with payments attached
  • Changed Manager access to Access Phone orders with drive assignment

Squashed Bugs:

  • Fixed Hourly sales report by transaction — was including void sales
  • Fixed display of withhold tips for payroll on balance sheet
  • Fixed Bug with On the Fly Modifier edits with quantity.
  • Fixed bug with hold menu items and auto release time
  • Fixed bug with EMV Refunds on End of day, dropped from the batch printout
  • Fixed Frequent Diner Banked Dollar Plan
  • Fixed Over Time Total on End of Year

New Features: Version 9.0.1050

  • Added Open Gratuity Amount  — prompts for $ amount
  • Added Pause to apply tips with EMV — must wait for process to complete before trying again
  • Added Prompt for apply tips with EMV Yes or No respone is required.
  • Added — can void items from a check with a preauth.
  • Added sequential Numbers to table tents
  • Stop 0 dollar close outs from emailing
  • Modified Drive Thru with teminals using hold tabs in QSR   — only see by register
  • Added check option in credit card setup to allow partial auth or not.
  • Added Go Order Dine In Toggle in full service.
  • Added Multi Label functions with type 2 barcodes
  • Added Support for Prep program to support ProductHistorySql file
  • Added Support for Required Qty to support decimal
  • Added Daily Close button on Id Screen
  • Added Phone Number Search in transaction review for phone orders
  • Added Orginal check number to Name in phone orders
  • Added Tip and Sign line on demand for customer receipts
  • Added Reference line to server audits for skims collected.  (math was ok but hard to follow)
  • Added stops for reprint receipt on the drive thru order taker if items are on the virtual check.
  • Added support for Scale items with Kiosk.
  • Added Option to turn off debit with out of scope and EMV.
  • Corrected Refund with Out of Scope (datacap)
  • Improved Speed of End of Day Close
  • Added Suggested Tip with Split check Print
  • Added Convenience Fees for Swipe from Tender Screen
  • Added Support for Item To Go button will adjust tax
  • Added Support for Partial Auth with datacap
  • Added Support for additional parsing for MicroSale gift cards.

5/24/2017 New to Version 9 – New Online Ordering Integrations



Olo is a mobile and online ordering platform that allows customers to order food from online menus and prepay in advance from their mobile or desktop device. Olo works with chain restaurants (40 locations or more) across the United States. Olo has reached nearly 40 million users as of 2017.

Online Orders Now


The best thing about Online Orders Now is that it is easy to integrate it with your restaurant.

Our online ordering system comes chock full of great features that come included with every installation. Here a just a few:

  • Unlimited Transactions: If you expect 100 or 1000 online orders per month, you won’t ever be charged an overage for orders. We want you to have a great month and don’t impose any limits on your ordering system.
  • First time customers emailed: When you have a new customer who is ordering from your restaurant, you can be notified with their email address to give them special attention.
  • External delivery service email/fax notification: Does your restaurant use a 3rd party for deliveries? Well now you can send your delivery order out to them by email or fax to close the loop.
  • Administration Back End: For restaurant owners and managers who want to do the work themselves, we provide a full featured administrative web interface for making real time changes including; Pricing, Item Descriptions, Delivery times, & allows for updating Open and closed days due to holidays, vacations, etc…

Call today at 888 673 3710 ext 1 to speak with one of our sales associates and start setting up your online ordering system today. You can also use the contact form available by clicking the button below.

New Features: Version 9.0.920

  • Added On the Fly edits for Left and Right pizza with green buttons
    • Enables you to switch out toppings quickly and easily from the virtual check
  • Added Insert Modifiers
  • Allows you to choose where modifiers get inserted on the virtual check
  • Added Support for tips with non-credit card tenders with web orders
  • Added Support for Negative Go Order Charges
  • Added Sales Mix with Audit Close — Also can email sales mix
  • Added Support for SNBC Label Printer
  • Improved Speed for POS IQ
  • Modified Save Detail and Header for faster day close.
  • Added Reset options for Frequent Diner
  • Added Ability to print a barcode on the remote printer
  • Added functions to Functions.ini file to allow customer name to print at top or bottom for remote check
  • Added Customer Name for Trays or Seats
  • Added show tray names with phone order with pay by tray
  • Added Customer Name option for modifiers
  • Added Quantity Required for menu items – function
  • Improved load speed
  • Added in Reprint Receipt from Transaction Review now prints tip amount.
  • Added percentage upcharge for go orders
  • Transaction Review reworked  — Search by Date time not business day.
  • Modification to Save Reprint Audits
  • Added Reprint Server or Cashier Audits — store for 2 years
  • Adjusted Car at window screen on drive thru order  – show check total for car at order station

New Features: Version 9.0.702

The new software release is focused on automation. The noteworthy changes in Version 9.0.702 are automatic weekly closeout functionality and a self-installing SQL program.

Automatic Weekly Closeout

Weekly closeouts are used to restart the WTD totals, archive data, and to perform database maintenance.  Since the weekly closeout tends to be forgotten, it will now run automatically at the end of every 7th day.

Why is this Important?

Forgetting to run a weekly closeout can be detrimental to the MicroSale system. The system prefixes backups as 1-7 for every day of the week. When the weekly closeout doesn’t occur, the 8th day gets stored back in the first day of the week’s data which can cause duplicate check numbers, payment misallocations, and/or other corruptions. When the system is on Access, the data appends to the end of the day’s backup which causes the database to get bigger and bigger causing lockups or system slowdowns.

Automatic SQL Setup

A self-installing SQL Express program is now available.

MicroSale has created a quick installer for SQL which bypasses the manual setup process (You no longer need to enable the “Named Pipes” SQL protocol or the “TCP/IP” SQL Protocol. Please make sure you are using a supported version of software or you plan on immediately upgrading MicroSale after running the SQL Installer.

New Features: Version 9.0.569

Custom Button Styles

Choose 1 of 16 custom button styles for the order screen. If you’re looking to customize the look of the software even more than before, this function is for you! Please follow the document attached in this email for further details.

Other Improvements & Additions

  • Added paid out tracking for tracking cash in drawer
  • Added access level for multi-discounts on single seat
  • Added functionality to Allow End of Day with Open Phone Orders (use Functions.ini file)
  • Added customer name lookup for naming checks
  • Added Item Transfer (function button on order screen) – transfers single item to different check for same server
  • Added support for split payment tips with EMV
  • Added Delete Function (function button on order screen); deletes modifier on virtual check

New Features: Version 9.0.485

Improved Discount Screen

The new Discount Screen is cleaner and more intuitive. Previously, the ‘Menu Items to Match’ section had a small window with large font that made it difficult to read long menu item names.  Now the section is larger and easier to navigate.

Other Improvements & Additions

  • Added Department cost Report
  • Change in quick bar- View All Checks will see all tabs for all work groups
  • Database change for financial database added second tax field
  • Added support for order destination change with special tax and discounts
  • Added to balance sheet with hold gratuity for payroll and to Recap
  • Improved Speed for Wireless terminals
  • Changed Price Adjust Function
  • Made Change for Windows 8 64 Bit not supporting SSL Certificate for FDMS
  • Updated Controls for Windows 8

New Features: Version 9.0.429

Snap Controls for Table Layout

Do you have trouble perfectly aligning tables?

The table layout now works similarly to the button layout with “snap to right”, “snap to bottom”, and alignment functions.

First click on a table that will be the anchor (to tell the other tables what to follow). When you are done using a function, click “cancel options” so that you will be able to freely drag tables and add more tables to the layout.

The align function will perfectly align all tables with your anchor.  If you have tables in a horizontal row, click “align right”. If you want them to align in a column, click “align bottom”.

Short Demo

Copying Shift Levels

Perfect for pizzas and using “green buttons”!

In previous versions, MicroSale would allow you to copy modifier groups, but it would not carry over shift pricing.

Create your new modifier group and save it. Go to the modifier group that has the proper shift levels and click “copy shift levels”.

Changing Shift Level Pricing at Once

Perfect for pizzas and using “green buttons”!

If you have a topping that should have a price increase or decrease, you can now make that change throughout the modifier groups at once.  Select a modifier in a list that you need to change, for example, Bacon. For Price Level 1, bacon should now be $1.25 instead of $1.00. MicroSale will find all Bacon modifiers that are listed at $1.00 and change it to the new price.

Placing Modifiers out of Stock

Designed for Kiosk

In kiosk, a customer is entering in his/her own menu items. If sides are listed as a modifier, and for example, you are out of coleslaw, a customer would need to know in order to make a different selection.

This function pulls up a list of all modifier names, so if coleslaw is listed in multiple groups, it only needs to be selected once.

Green Buttons Supported with Kiosk

Green buttons (aka included ingredients on menu items) are now supported in kiosk mode. Now a customer can see exactly what comes on each item.

Switching Printer Routing on the fly

Designed for large, high volume bars

This feature allows a server to choose where items print. For example, a bar has multiple tablets where the servers can migrate throughout the building. If the servers are closer to “Bar 1” than “Bar 4”, they can ring in the items and send the items to Bar 1. If they forget to choose a printer, it will simply print where the items are sent to print originally.

Copying Buttons to other Screens

Useful for using the same buttons on multiple screens; for example, subcategories, sides, or common items

  1. Select a category on the button layout
  2. Choose the button that you wish to copy
  3. Select the category to paste the button
  4. Repeat as necessary

(Not designed for copying shift level buttons – shift levels assigned by category and proper setup is necessary)


New Features: Version 9.0.347-350

Auto-filling Address for Delivery

MicroSale will now auto-populate addresses when using the delivery module.  MicroSale is integrated with GoogleMaps to auto-populate addresses near the restaurant’s location.

This feature significantly speeds up the delivery process and prevents errors.

Shipping Instructions for Kiosk

Kiosk now supports self-service delivery.

This feature was designed for kiosk stations that do not sell merchandise onsite.  A customer walks up to the kiosk, places an order, and enters in his or her address for delivery (auto-populates using the above feature).  A receipt emails to the customer (using the feature created in 9.0.317) and includes their address for verification. A second receipt emails to the merchant’s warehouse to process and ship out the order.

New Features: Version 9.0.317

Restaurants can now email receipts to customers 

An optional setting can be enabled to prompt the user to ask if the customer would like the receipt emailed or printed.  The restaurant can use a survey service and attach a survey link to the receipt. (Please see attached PDF for setup and more information).

Button layout functions are easier to use

The customization Functions toggle and highlight the function in use.  This prevents the function from getting “stuck”.  In previous versions, if the function was not turned off before selecting a new function, the function could potentially get stuck and not perform the correct demand.  Instead of deselecting the function in use, use the “Cancel Option” button.

Category Colors

To change the category color or text color on an existing category, select the drop down and find the desired category.  Use the Button Color and Text color functions.  When you are done selecting your colors, select Add/Edit (under the category name text).

Drivers can stop order time on checks

Many drivers settle all checks at the end of the shift.  When the checks stay open for hours, it skews the serving times.  Now, when a driver returns back to the restaurant, they can stop the timer and keep the check open.

Coming Soon: Delivery and Pizza Improvements

Dealer Information

On the FTP Site in ~Dealer Help~, we are adding new documentation daily.

Now Available: New Windows Setup and MicroSale Configuration Guide

This guide goes through everything you need to know about Windows and how to configure the entire MicroSale system from tax setup to cash drawers.

Reminder: Please return the green USB key to MicroSale when purchasing a Version 9 upgrade.  You have 15 days after the restaurant’s license is activated to return the key.