Manager’s Guide


Voiding a check is only used when a ticket needs to be removed. This may include when a ticket needs to be re-rung. Voiding a check should not be confused with voiding a prepared item on a check that has not been closed.

Voids should NOT be used to remove an order that was not paid for, not picked up, or for a customer complaint. If an order was made but not paid for, the order should be discounted using the Made Not Sold Discount and then closing the ticket to cash ($0). This ensures properly tracking inventory products and properly accounting your food costs.

Voids should NOT be used to issue a refund unless the food has not been made. Voiding a ticket removes the payment information (including credit card charges) but also returns the items back into inventory, as it assumes the food has not been made.



Steps to Void a Check:

  1. Press the Void Check button on the Managers Menu. A list of all closed checks since the last Daily Close Out will appear on the screen
  2. Select the check that needs to be voided. You can use the green Check # button to type a check number or page through the checks to find the correct one
  3. After you select the desired check, press the Void Check button. A message will ask you to confirm that you want to void the check
  4. Select Yes: a list of reasons for the void will appear on the screen
  5. Choose a reason from the list, or select Keyboard to type a different reason
    A message will appear on the screen telling you that the financial records are being updated
  6. The system will then ask if you want to print the void ticket for your records. MicroSale will take you back to the Managers Menu when the void transaction is complete
When to Void an Item:

If an item needs to be removed from an order after the kitchen ticket has printed [items will be shown in red if they have been sent to the kitchen] but before the customer has paid, it will require a void. This will only void out the individual item(s) and not the entire ticket.

If the menu items on the virtual check are black, it means the items have not been sent to the kitchen and you can simple delete the items from the check.

If the item has been prepared, you should use a Made Not Sold discount in order to properly take the item out of inventory.

How Void / Delete Works:

To the right of the virtual check (white box on the order screen) displays Void / Delete. Based on your system’s security levels, the employee will not be able to void any items that have already been sent to the kitchen (sent items display in red with an “*”).

Steps to Void an Item:

  1. Pull up the check
  2. Highlight the item
  3. Select Void / Delete
    1. By Default, a manager’s number is required (or if you are a manager and you open the check under your audit, you will be able to void it without an override)
  4. Select Yes to confirm the voided item
  5. Select a reason for the void
  6. Close the check or press Done

After the void is completed, the voided items will not appear on the virtual check or printed check. Voids are tracked by employee with the void as well as the manager who allowed the void. This is accessible in the reports area.

Refunds should be used when the payment needs to be returned to the guest after the food has been prepared and paid for.

Refunds are not tied to orders or tickets. The refund will be issued referencing a present receipt so that the order can be verified and the refund amount confirmed.
If no receipt is available, search for the ticket with Transaction Review to confirm the original order and verify the amount owed to the customer.

Steps to Issue a Refund:

Managers Menu > Refund

  1. Press the Cashier Name button– it will automatically insert the cashier’s name assigned to this register
  2. Press the Refund Amount button and enter the total of the items being refunded, excluding tax – the tax amount will fill in automatically
  3. Press Refund Reason and choose one of the reasons from the list on the right
  4. Press Process Refund and then the preferred method for refund
  1. Select Reports Menu
  2. Select End of Week Close
  3. The system will automatically show the weekly summary report
  4. Exit

Verify the EOW has been performed

  1. Select Reports Menu
  2. Select Sales Report
  3. WTF Sales should be 0.00. If sales are present, please follow the above section to close out the EOW
If presented with a credit card processing error, the internet connection may be down. To accept credit cards offline, open the “Batch Utilities” menu (in the Manager menu) and turn OFF authorization until internet is restored.
Offline credit transactions are not authorized. Once the internet is restored they are processed. There is a risk of some transactions being denied. For large purchases, it is suggested to call and double check authorization.

***While operating offline, you cannot process tips or batch out***

When credit cards come online, you may do the following to process offline charges at any terminal.
1. Enter Manager ID number and press Manager Menu.
2. Select Credit Card Menu.
3. Select Batch Utilities.
4. Select Process Offline Charges. The system will tell you how many it has found and process them one by one. You cannot turn off the printing of the authorization receipts due to PCI compliancy.
5. When it has finished, select Exit to leave Batch Utilities.
6. Select Exit again to leave the Credit Card Menu.