Menu Setup

Commonly Asked Questions

Managers Menu > Menu Maintenance > Menu Items and Pricing

  1. Type in a new menu item (make sure that no other menu items in your system have this same name, or it WILL overwrite)
  2. Skip the first two lines unless you would like a button alias or PLU number
  3. Press the drop down and choose the category that the new menu item needs to be assigned to
  4. Choose a department (food, beer, wine, etc)
  5. Type in a Regular Price
  6. On the right, check ENABLE REMOTE PRINTING. (if you want this item to print)
  7. Press the drop down next to the first printing field, and choose a predetermined printer such as “Bar” or “Kitchen”.

By default, if the menu item does not have special taxes, happy hours, specials, or modifiers, all other settings in the screen will be correct and will not need to be altered.

Putting the Item on a Button

  1. Put the menu item on a button so that it can be entered from the order sceen. You can stay on the Menu Items and Pricing screen and go to “Button Layout” – right side of screen by printer assignments.
  2. Find the category in the gray or blue buttons on the left. (click it)
  3. Find your menu item in the teal box. (click it)
  4. Left click the gray button on the bottom labeled “unassigned”
  5. Right click and drag the button to the screen. To find out about how to make the button look similar to the rest, go to Button Layout section
Managers Menu > Menu Maintenance > Price and Number Available
1. Left click on a price that needs to be changed (a dotted box will appear)
2. Type in the new price
3. Continue to change prices until all desired items are changed.
4. Press Update Prices ***IMPORTANT***
5. Select Save.
1. Type in a name for the modifier group (ex: dip sauce, pizza toppings, meat temp)
*** Please note that you do not need to set a dept/function. The modifier will follow the assigned menu item’s department ***
*** a Yes or No prompt will appear to add the modifier group to the list – select Yes ***
2. Type in the Modifier Name; if there is an upcharge for this item, type in the price on the right.
***If desired, press SET COLOR to change the color of the modifier buttons.***
3. Press the green arrow, Add Modifier to List, or press INSERT on your keyboard.
4. If you need to be able to choose multiple modifiers, check “Select until Done”.

To attach the modifier group to a menu item:

1. Go to Menu Items and Pricing

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. Press the drop down and select the appropriate menu item.
3. Check the box for “Modifiers are required” (top right)
4. Next to Modifier #1, select the drop down and find the appropriate modifier group name.
5. Choose to check or uncheck the box to the left of the modifier group. Checking the box will make the modifier group work with “Modify Item”. An unchecked box will make the modifier group prompt automatically when the menu item is selected on the order screen.
6. Select Save.