Button Layout


After creating menu items, you will need to manually place the items on buttons. It will not automatically populate on the order screen

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Why? You may have items programmed in your system that are not always available. This allows you to have rotating items for specific times of the year or for different events without the items always appearing on the screen.

The button layout allows you to change the button size, color, and placement. Please use the toggles on the top of the screen.

You will need a keyboard

Quickly adding all items to the screen

  1. Select Restore Default
  2. Select Alphabetical Order
  3. Save

Dragging buttons to the screen

  1. Left click on a menu item in the Unassigned Menu Item list
  2. Left click on the Unassigned Button (gray button below the Unassigned Menu Item box)
  3. Right click (hold) and drag onto the grid to the right. Put the menu item in the top left corner of the screen.
  4. Continue with Step 3 until completed
  5. You can align the buttons together using the Snap to Bottom and Snap to Right toggle controls – you will use the button in the top left to use as your axis point
  6. Left Click the Snap to Right control and then click on the top left button on the grid (think of this as “copy and paste”). After selecting the top left button on the grid, left click on buttons to align them to the right of the previous button.
  7. Click Cancel Options to turn off the toggle or select a new control to use
  8. When you are finished, click Save.


Color / Logo / Sound:

You can use this section to apply a new font color, button background, or image to a Menu Item button.

Copy Color:

This is a quick way to copy the color or logo you applied to a button without having to use recreate it within the Color / Logo / Sound area first. You can also use Copy Color in conjunction with the Color / Logo / Sound area, too.

  1. Select Copy Color
  2. Select Color / Logo / Sound
  3. Select a background and text color (or use the controls to choose a custom color)
    1. The colors will appear on the sample button in the window
  4. Select (left click) all buttons that will use this color – you can continue copying the color to other buttons by continuously clicking the buttons
  5. Select Cancel Options when complete
  6. Save the screen before exiting