Creating Happy Hours

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You can have up to 5 timed events per menu item. Timed Events automatically change prices (up or down) on specific days and/or times.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Creating a Timed Event

Managers Menu > Menu Maintenance > Timed Events

  1. Create the Event Name such as “Mon-Fri 4-7 HH”. It is helpful to be as descriptive as possible in the name
  2. Click in the Start Time Field
    1. Select the Start Hour then the Minutes
    2. Select AM or PM
  3. Repeat for the End Time
    1. While you can put in an overall price increase/decrease, it is suggested to put the price in individually by Menu Item (explained below)
    2. You can check “Disable Event On This Terminal Only”, when the Timed Event should not be used on the specific terminal you are on. This is used for restaurants that have different specials in the bar vs. floor or patio vs. inside dining.
  4. Check the days that should be used for this Timed EventPicture2
  5. Save

Side Notes: Dates Valid are used for specific dates such as St. Patrick’s Day weekend or other special events. Typically, you will leave the dates at “None” which means that the Timed Event is always active during the specified days selected.

! If your timed event goes AFTER 12 AM, it is still considered the same day until the close out is ran. For example, if you have an event on Friday from 11 PM – 3 AM, you will only select Friday for your ‘Valid On’ day. If you select Saturday as well, it will be active from 11 PM – 3 AM again.

Assigning the Timed Event to Menu Items

Managers Menu > Menu Maintenance > Menu Items and Pricing

  1. Select a menu item
  2. Select Enable Timed Events
  3. Select the Dropdown and choose the correct Timed Event – if you cannot remember what the Timed Event name entails, select Review Timed Events
  4. Type in the price during the Timed Event. For example, if Absolut is $1.00 off during the Timed Event, type in $4.50 (Regular Price $5.50 – $1.00)
  5. Select Save