Multi-Unit Remote Back Office

MicroSale’s Multi-Unit Remote Back Office is a robust above store back office management tool that allows you to stay connected to each restaurant to fully control your business from anywhere. Manage and alter the menu, discounts, employees and system options by individual location, region, or market. View real-time sales and compare sales between locations.

Perform Real-Time Updates

Make changes based on an individual location, region or market. Not ready to send the changes? Schedule the changes to implement for any time or date.

Prevent Mistakes

Save your franchisees time and prevent royalty errors by eliminating the need for manual calculations and separately made spreadsheets.

Let it Grow with You

Easily add locations to your group when your business grows. Transfer in menus and coupons from location to location.

Easily Compare and Manage

With the consolidated reporting and data management, you’ll gain quick insight into your business. You can compare numbers by location, see individual labor, or see the most profitable stores by a glance at a visual graph.

Employee Management

Control access levels by employee for the locations. You can customized access down to individual functions if needed. And with the easy-to-read reports, you’ll be able to easily see who is doing the most discounts and voids.

Location Management

Edit your menu and prices for one, many, or all locations. Edits can be sent to the store immediately or can be scheduled to upload for a future time or date.

Integrated Inventory

Using MicroSale’s Inventory Module, you can control the inventory globally. Change item details, price, and quantity in real time.

Compare your restaurants’ real-time data across all locations in a single app. Toggle through the individual restaurants to check in on labor, voids, discounts and overall sales for the day.

Make quick decisions before they turn into money costing mistakes. The ReportingAnywhere application provides your restaurant’s data at your fingertips. View top and bottom selling items for the day, hourly sales, department sales, voids, discounts and more.

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