Phone Orders

Phone Orders

Basics of Phone Orders

Delivery Zone Setup

Creating a Driver

Edit Customer Information

Order for Dine in

Driver Sales Report

Assigning Drivers / Get Directions

Register Options with Phone Orders


Depending on your current system configuration you can access the New Phone Order area two
different ways:

  1. Your system can be configured to prompt for the order type upon new order entry and logging into the order screen. The “Select Order Type” box will appear upon which you can select “Phone Order”
  2. From the Ordering Screen look for the “Phone Order” button usually located near the Virtual CheckV9PhoneOrderGuide
  3. After selecting “Phone Order” a new prompt displays asking whether it is a “New Phone Order” or if you need to “Access Phone Orders” that have already been entered into the system.
  4. New Phone Order will allow you to enter in an order to place on hold for pickup or delivery
    Access Phone Order will allow you to edit, review, and close phone orders

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Select New Phone Order
  2. Enter the phone number (you do not need to add dashes, spaces, or periods)
  3. The Phone Order Entry screen now displays now and you have the ability to modify any or all of the customer’s information.
  4. Press Place Order access the order screen
  5. After the order is complete press Done – you will pay out the order when the customer comes for pick up
  6. When the customer arrives, press Access Phone Order
  7. Select Pay Order and then the phone number / name associated with the order

Note: Depending on your restaurant, you may offer a Delivery service. If you do, you will also be prompted to select an order type of either “Pick Up” or “Delivery” prior to entering the phone

Notable Features:

  • View the customers’ last order
  • Acquire drive directions for deliveries (uses free third party mapping software)
  • Build future orders for parties/catering
  • Alter production time