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Simple screens and mistake-proof prompts help you serve your customers faster. Conversation ordering, highlighted ingredients and automatic combos enable employees to focus on what matters most – your customers.

Sky-rocket profit with smart technology

Eliminating as much human error as possible is the best fool-proof way to increase profit. With MicroSale’s automated services, the software removes the guesswork out of day-to-day operations. The system automatically activates promotional pricing, disables unqualified items from discounts, automatically runs the close out, and automatically emails reports to management at the end of every night.

In addition to automation, each employee is set with an access level that allocates what an employee can and cannot do in the system. Permissions include access to refunds, voids, discounts, the employee screen, and any other function in the system.

Drive-Thru Cameras

Using a free interface with IP cameras, a photo is taken when the first menu item button is touched on the order screen. The pictures help staff accurately match the order to the customer, thus cutting down on botched orders.

Pay at the Window (Drive-Thru)
Cashiers can take payment from the customer at the window while simultaneously taking an order from the speaker-all on the same terminal.

Break-in Order
Reconfigures orders on QSR kitchen video for customers who accidentally pass the order speaker.

Park Car and Timer
The “Park Car” feature begins a timer that shows how long the customer has been waiting. This helps prevent forgotten orders and keeps employees aware of the wait times.

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