Remote Menu Management

MicroSale’s Remote Back Office lets you update your menu and manage employees from a remote location. Using Remote Back Office, you can add or alter menu items, change prices, add or alter happy hours and discounts, and more. You can activate the changes in real-time or you can schedule a time/day for the changes to upload to the restaurant.

  • Add or edit menu categories, menu items and modifiers remotely

  • Add or edit happy hours, promotions and discounts remotely

  • Add or edit employees’ information and pay rates remotely

  • Add or edit tax rates remotely

  • Make changes in real-time or schedule the changes for a future time/day

Pair up with ReportingAnywhere

Access Live Data Anywhere

Add ReportingAnywhere to see your sales data, labor dollars, and other reporting information in real-time from your internet-enabled device. ReportingAnywhere provides a customized reporting website and real-time smartphone app for Android and Apple.

  • View live sales up to the minute

  • View labor usage and labor dollars

  • View discounts and voids

  • Compare sales between locations

  • View promotions & dollars that the promotions bring in

  • View a real-time product mix. See top and bottom sellers for the day

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