Scheduling employees has never been easier.

MicroSale’s Scheduler provides average sales and labor costs which compare the numbers for effective staffing. The forecasted sales are averaged from previous days’ sales and shows you how you should staff your restaurant.


Repeating Shifts
You may have employees that work the same shifts week to week. With a Master Template, you can create daily or weekly shifts quickly and easily.

Get the Schedule Out Fast
Employees no longer have to jot down their hours or come in the restaurant to get their schedule.
Once you are done with the schedule, simply press “publish”. The schedule will print and will send the schedule to employees’ inbox.

Saves Time and Prevents Staffing Issues
Cuts down on time spent with planning and writing a schedule. Aside from the time it saves, using your restaurant’s sales and labor averages help prevent overstaffing and understaffing

Saves Management’s Labor
The automated scheduler bypasses the need for manual calculations and figuring sales compared to labor. This enables any employee or lower level manager to create an effective schedule. Once the program is learned, it will allow anyone to perform the task.

Prevents Mistakes and Increases Employee Satisfaction
Visual aids and reference numbers help managers plan the schedule. It also blocks employees that are not able to work for a specific hour or day.

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