How to Perform Common Server Functions

If you need to edit the CASH tip claim amount:

1. Go to the Time Clock Functions button from the Manager’s menu
2. Select the Edit Tip button. This allows management to change a CASH tip amount that an employee entered incorrectly.
3. Touch the drop-down to display the employee list.
4. Select the appropriate employee, and the employee’s records show on the screen. This will take you to the Edit Employee Tips screen.
5. Touch the appropriate Tip Amount box. A number pad will appear on the screen.
6. Enter the new tip amount, and press the Done button on the number pad. The new tip will be entered in that box.
7. Press the Save button after the changes are complete.

To delete a tip, touch the appropriate Tip Amount box:

1. When the number pad appears, simply press Done to leave the new tip amount blank.
2. Press the Save button, and MicroSale will ask Are You Sure?
3. Press Yes to delete the tip.
Important: If you press the Exit button without saving, your changes will not go into effect.

If you need to edit a CREDIT CARD tip amount:

1. Go to the Manager’s Menu and select the Credit Card Menu button
2. Find the check and credit card payment and select the line
3. A window will appear where you can apply a new tip amount
4. Click Apply Tip