Setting up Sales Tax and Special Tax

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Basic Sales Tax

To configure a basic sales tax for a site, follow the below instructions. Otherwise, if you have a more advanced tax setup please refer to one of the documents located at the bottom of this page.

  1. Go to the Mangers Menu à Register Setup à Sales Tax Menu
  2. Enter in the whole amount of the tax within the “Sales Tax” field located at the top right.
  3. Select Save


Advanced Tax Setup

Alcohol Tax

Often bars and restaurants will charge both a sales tax (I.E. State Sales Tax) as well as a separate Alcohol/Liquor tax. MicroSale can separate out these two taxes for reporting purposes for you, automatically. The following setup guide explains in detail how to configure your MicroSale system to charge a separate Alcohol/Liquor tax.

Three Tax Rates

In some restaurant and bar scenarios you may need to configure the system to charge and track three different tax types. We will walk through an example below where the system will be configured for a Food, Liquor, and Beer tax. It is important to also configure the menu item(s) and discount(s) to work properly with the associated taxes.

Disable Tax Exempt by Tax Table

MicroSale Version 9, can be configured to only tax exempt a specific tax table. This is useful for areas that have county tax or another type of specialized tax that is applied to multiple items but cannot be included in a tax exempt order.

Occupational Tax

Generally, an occupational tax will be applied to the check total upon which a second sales tax (example: State Tax) will be applied to the new check total (check total + occupational tax). The following instructions will identify the key file and program settings that must be set up in order for the tax to apply properly.