Configuring Printers & Cash Drawers within MicroSale

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Please follow the PC and Installation Setup Guide before setting up printers in MicroSale. You will need to install printers in Windows before setting it up in the POS. The guide also covers the information below

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Managers Menu > Register Setup / Printers and Device Setup

Receipt Printer

  1. Select the “Receipt” printer port from the “Available Printers” dropdown menu for the Receipt printer section Note: The Windows Name of the printer will appear within the “Device Name” field
  2. Select Save at the top, right corner of the Printer Setup screen

Remote Printer(s)

  1. Type the name of a remote printer within the “Printer Name” field in the “Remote Printer Setup” section
  2. Select the corresponding port or virtual port setting from within the “Available Printers” dropdown menu. Note: The Windows Name of the printer will appear within the “Device Name” field
  3. Select Save within the Remote Printer Setup section
  4. Repeat for each remote printer

Report Printer (Optional)

  1. Select the “Report” printer port from the “Available Printers” dropdown menu for the Report printer section. Note: The Windows Name of the printer will appear within the “Device Name” field
  2. Select Save at the top, right corner of the Printer Setup screen

Configuring Printer Escape Codes

For each printer you configured in the previous steps, we will now need to set up escape codes. These codes are necessary to properly format the text output to the printers and the kitchen video system.

  1. Select the “Printer Escape Codes” button from within the Printers / Devices Setup area
  2. Select a printer from the “Printers” dropdown field
  3. Select “TmT88 II” from the “Types” dropdown field
  4. Select “Save to Printer” button when finished
  5. Repeat for each printer

Configuring a Cash Drawer(s)

From within the Printers / Devices setup area

  1. Within the “Cash Drawer Setup” section select the printer port, printer name, or COM port to which the first cash drawer is connected
  2. Verify (or set) the appropriate codes to open the drawer (Default: 27, 112, 0, 25, 250)
  3. Select the “Save Drawer” button
  4. Repeat above steps to set up the second drawer