Dealer Program

Dealers receive 30-50% profit margins on software and modules.  You are free to sell your own hardware or you may purchase recommended brands through us directly.

The software can be sold upfront or as a subscription.  Selling the software upfront is billed and supported by your company.  Subscription software is billed and supported through us directly and in result, you make back software residuals.

Fees and Requirements

The upfront investment is $1,999.00.

This fee includes two primary terminal licenses (MSRP $850.00 each), initial training, and marketing material.  Once we collect payment, we will send you a welcome kit and schedule your training.

There is an investment on your part because we expect collective success.

Setting up, training, and managing resellers requires a large investment of time and resources on our part so we want to make sure you’re in it for the long run. We want you to be successful with MicroSale, which is why you get two primary terminal licenses with your initial  fee. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with your company.

Dealer Responsibility

Dealers are required to setup, install, train, attend go-live and provide ongoing support for customers. If you do not wish to offer ongoing support, the customer can sign up for remote support through our offices – this can either be billed directly to the customer or through your company .


Agent Program

The Agent Program works best for ISOs and small companies. The program offers 10% commission on the sale price of the software and hardware. As a processor, you are free to use the processing of your choice and not required to split credit card residuals. However, if you are interested in offering a residual split agreement with MicroSale, we are happy to work out a customized sales program that is mutually beneficial. The program has no upfront fees or long term contract.

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