• Speed up transactions with auto-prompt modifiers, automatic gratuities and easy-to-read screens.

  • Have a little fun and boost sales with server contests. Create a contest with menu items to see who can sell the most in a time period. The contest will show each employee and how many items they sold. The top selling employees are shown on the ID screen to entice friendly competition.

  • Serve customers faster with an industrial-grade, drop-resistant tablet. Servers can quickly send in items to the kitchen or bar while continuing to take orders at a table.

  • Prevent underage serving

    Swipe an ID or driver’s license to quickly see a customer’s age. You can also set the system to force a bartender to swipe an ID before selecting an alcoholic item.

  • Control drink coupons

    Drink Chips (aka. Pub Tokens or chits) have been used around the world as payment for future drinks for several hundred years. Today, we’ve put a modern twist on it. Use for 2-4-1s, separating employees from cash, VIP passes, and giveaways.