Provide your customers easier and faster ways to place orders with Online Ordering. MicroSale is fully integrated to OnlineOrdersNOW and OLO. You can choose to have your customers pay online or at time of pick up. After the order is confirmed online, it will print to the kitchen printer or appear on the kitchen video monitor.

For customers scheduling a pick up for a future time or date, you as the owner can set the system to either print the order immediately or to have it print automatically before the scheduled pick up time.


Online orders automatically sync to the POS

Each partner above is fully integrated with the MicroSale system.  That means-no more faxed orders! Orders placed online will automatically appear in the POS and route the order to the kitchen.  If payment was received online, it will show as paid on the POS side.

No need to have web programming knowledge

Your MicroSale menu is linked directly to the online ordering menu.  Menu items, modifiers, and pricing will match each other to ensure your customers are always charged a consistent, accurate price.

Customer convenience

Customers can order online and bypass looking up the menu, calling, waiting on hold, and placing their order over the phone. Orders can be placed for immediate pick up for placed for a future time or day.

More time for servers to serve in-house guests

Usually phone orders are a collective responsibility between all of the staff. Phone orders can stop staff from waiting tables and delivering food for a few minutes at a time. Online orders keep staff off the phone and orders accurate.

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