MicroSale offers direct payment processing and EMV processing.

Direct Integrations

MicroSale offers direct processing integrations through the POS system. With direct processing, credit cards are processed by swiping a card on the terminal and batching the cards at the end of the night. Direct processing is PCI compliant and offered in Versions 7.1, 8, and 9.

EMV Integrations

MicroSale offers EMV processing through Datacap, Pax, triPOS and Evalon. With EMV, credit cards are “dipped” into a chip reading device that is attached to the terminal. EMV is out-of-scope, meaning the POS is completely out of the payment authorization process. Direct integrations are not affiliated with EMV. Please check with your processor to ensure they support EMV and/or tip adjust.

EMV Integrations

MicroSale Version 9 is EMV Ready. EMV technology takes the POS software completely out-of-scope which means credit cards are not processed through the MicroSale software.  The device/software you choose depends on your processor.

Supported Devices:

Integrated Payments - Datacap Systems, Inc.

Supported Devices:

  • VeriFone SC 1000
  • VeriFone VX805
  • Ingenico 6550
  • Ingenico 320

Direct Integrations

Direct processors are integrated directly to MicroSale. When using direct integrations, the cards are processed through the MicroSale software and sent to the payment processor for approval. MicroSale’s Version 7.1, Version 8 and Version 9 are PCI Compliant.

MicroSale is PA-DSS certified by the PCI Security Council. Your money and your customers’ card holder information will always be safe and secure.
MicroSale supports directly integrated payment processing for the list of products below. By adding the processing module, transactions can be directly authorized and settled through the system without the need for any additional software.


Don’t see your processor? You can process with a nonintegrated processor through Datacap’s NETePay software.

Offset credit card fees with a cash discount program

Cash Discount Program

Increase revenue and lower the effects of high credit card rates with a cash discount program. The cash discount automatically charges a small service fee for non-cash payments while providing a transparent discount for cash payers. This automated service charge in keeps you within the guidelines of Visa, Mastercard, and processor regulations.

How it works:

A small service fee (a percentage or flat amount) is added to every transaction. When a customer pays cash, the service fee is discounted off. When paying with a card, the ‘processing fee’ remains on the check.

Using a cash discount in the POS:

The surcharge (or service charge) applies automatically. As you enter items on a check, the “Process Fee” automatically populates. “Cash” and “Credit Card” totals are displayed at the bottom of the virtual check and the payment screen.

Guest receipt with a discounted processing fee:

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