MicroSale offers direct payment processing and EMV processing.

Direct Integrations

MicroSale offers direct processing integrations through the POS system. This means that credit cards are processed the ‘traditional’ way of swiping the card on the terminal and batching the cards at the end of the night. Direct processing is PCI compliant and offered in Versions 7.1, 8, and 9. Please scroll down to view available direct integrations. Direct integrations allow offline charges which means if your internet goes down, credit cards can be accepted and authorized later when the internet is back again.

EMV Integrations

MicroSale offers EMV processing through PAX and Datacap. This means the credit cards are “dipped” into a chip reading device that is attached to the terminal. EMV is out-of-scope, meaning the POS is completely out of the payment authorization process. Direct integrations are not affiliated with EMV. Please check with your processor to ensure they support EMV.

EMV Integrations

MicroSale Version 9 is EMV Ready. EMV technology takes the POS software completely out-of-scope which means credit cards are not processed through the MicroSale software. MicroSale is integrated to PAX and Datacap. The device/software you choose depends on the processor you which to use. EMV does not allow for offline processing. If your internet goes down, you cannot accept credit card payments.

***EMV ONLY***

  • PAX provides, at no charge, the SDK to integrate the POS system with the PAX payment terminals
  • Once the system needs to complete a payment, the POS system sends the amount and an order number to the PAX device.
  • The PAX device handles the full payment to the processor,not sharing any card holder data back to the POS system.
  • The semi-integrated POS is ‘out of scope’


Integrated Payments - Datacap Systems, Inc.

***EMV ONLY***

With hundreds of thousands of successful payment installations showcasing many evolving product solutions, the one thing that hasn’t changed in 34 years is that we remain strategically committed to delivering best-in-class integrated payments and data capture solutions through a network of retail systems providers.

Datacap offers EMV processing for: 

VeriFone SC 1000 (must use with Datacap NETePay)
VeriFone VX805 (must use with Datacap NETePay)
Ingenico 6550 (must use with Datacap NETePay)
Ingenico 320 (must use with Datacap NETePay)

Direct Integrations

Direct processors are integrated directly to MicroSale. When using direct integrations, the cards are processed through the MicroSale software and sent to the payment processor for approval. MicroSale’s Version 7.1, Version 8 and Version 9 are PCI Compliant.

MicroSale is PA-DSS certified by the PCI Security Council. Your money and your customers’ card holder information will always be safe and secure.
MicroSale supports directly integrated payment processing for the list of products below. By adding the processing module, transactions can be directly authorized and settled through the system without the need for any additional software.


Don’t see your processor? You can process with a nonintegrated processor through Datacap’s NETePay software.