Frequent Diner

Keep your customers coming back with MicroSale’s Frequent Diner program. Get the tools you need to create and maintain customer loyalty through reward programs and banked plans.

Frequent Diner is customizable for any type of restaurant – whether you want to start a bagel club, coffee club, or drink around the world club, you will be able to create exciting programs for your guests and keep them coming back.

The program allows you to retain your customers by marketing specifically to them and their buying habits. You will be able to obtain their address, email, phone number, and any other necessary information you need for your marketing efforts.

Reward Plan

Reward Plans are perfect for “Club” memberships such as a Beer Club or Sandwich Club. You can choose how many points each item is worth during the plan setup.

Banked Plan

The banked plan allows a customer to rack up or “bank” points to build up points for a higher reward. This encourages higher check totals and more visits.


Fully integrated with PosIQ.

A breakthrough cloud based CRM service for the restaurant industry that plugs into your existing MicroSale POS system. Powerful advertising, marketing and social programs. Crazy detailed guest tracking and automated loyalty. And big data with real-time analytics you’ve only dreamed about.

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